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Frankie – Kidnapped

She didn't even know where she was. The building was like a warehouse or something, but with blacked out walls and barred, boarded windows. She couldn't even see if there was anyone behind the bright lights they were shining on her. She could hear the camera clicking and whirring, but she didn't know if there was a person behind it or just an automated system.

She had no sense of time. Was it yesterday that they had captured her from her college room? Two days ago? A week? What did they want with her? Her family wasn't rich... and why had they dressed her in such a lovely satin gown and tied her to the ceiling? And why did she get the feeling the gown had been custom made to her measurements? How long had they been planning her abduction? And why did they need so many photos of her? Who were they sending the photos to???
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