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Rachel Levy
Rachel Levy in Black

In the Republic, crime is rife. Punishment is swift. Justice is not a priority.

Her crime? Soliciting, trying to tempt a decent family man into spending his hard-won cash in a wicked debauch.

The evidence? Irrelevant. Her word against his. He is a cousin of the police chief. She is just a woman who works in an office and wears fine clothes. She claims he grabbed her and hauled her into the grimy bar, tried to paw her, maul her, then stuffed money into her cleavage when she tried to get free. He laughed when she said she would call the police.

Who knows, her story may even be true. It seems unlikely. There is no virtue on the streets of the capital that late at night.

For a small fee, his cousin will even let him sit in on the interrogation.

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