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Rachel Levy
Rachel Levy in White

It's not quite the life she imagined for a slavegirl. Breakfast, shower, exercises in the yard. Dressing for the day as per master's orders: today it is white, white slip, white gloves. Sitting for a portrait... more accurately, bound to a chair while a portrait artist captures her. Lunch is served from a tray on her back, the nipple clamps added just to keep her awake and aware of each breath she takes. The evening begins with a hogtie, already tired muscles screaming protest. It is hard to breathe, but not so hard as it will be when she is shackled bent over to receive the day's demerits. She knows she made some small slips and couldn't help moving while she was sitting for the portrait. She supposes the welts from that little infringement will take a week to fade.

It's not quite the life she imagined, but she wouldn't swap it for the world.

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