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Bianca - Impatient Submissive!

When Bianca arrived for the Bondage X-Factor test shoot, there was one thing she just couldn't wait to do. She REALLY wanted to be locked up in the cage. And I mean really. Getting tied up in strict rope ties and photographed by Kate and Chanta upstairs was all very well, but she made sure they finished in double-quick time to make absolutely sure she didn't miss her turn in the globe cage!

I can stay here longer if you chain me up...

Bianca was pretty happy to finally be locked in the cage, but she was worried that I was going to let her out as soon as I'd shot a set of photos. So she came up with the clever idea that we could do another set if I used handcuffs and leg-irons to lock her to the cage in various different positions! It would have been rude to refuse!

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