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Kobe Lee
Kobe - Ah, the old stories are the best stories!

You just can't beat the old stories. Like "rich business woman comes home, likes to be a slavegirl in her spare time, boyfriend ties her up, then instead of pleasuring her he slaps in a big ballgag and buggers off down the pub!"

There's several elements in that story that always appeal to me. I like the idea of the submissive being a powerful business woman- humiliation and submission means so much more when she has power to start off with. I don't really relate to 24/7 pet or slave play as a result- it is much more fun to take what you want from someone rich and powerful than have a rather whiny, needy girl having you look after her every bodily function.

Then there's the double-life aspect, which makes it more of a thrill... what would happen if the sharks in the boardroom saw the photos? Then there's the tease of turning her on by tying her up, but then instead of making love, you ignore her. Humiliating for her, and the sexual frustration it builds makes the final climax all the sweeter.

Of course, I don't actually suggest anyone leaves their significant other tied up and gagged and leave the house- safety first, always! But you can certainly make her THINK you have!

Mmm, the old stories are the best!

You sometimes hit the point when shooting a set of knowing that it looks great, so great that you want to keep shooting, but that you've already done all the shots you can think of. In that situation, where do you go? What do you do? My suggestion is- turn it into a hogtie! ;-) There are few predicaments that can't be made worse by attaching a submissive's ankles to some of the other ropes binding her tight...

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