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Marianne- Swedish Maid

Rannveig had not worked as a maid in Singapore before, but she thought she knew what to expect. She had travelled around Europe for the last two years, starting in her native Sweden. She had worked for a rich couple in a tiny flat in London, for an old man in a castle somewhere in the depths of rural France, for a strict woman trying to run a boarding school for wayward girls near Zurich and many places besides. But she'd never been in the Orient before, let alone worked for someone as rich and as powerful as her latest employers.

She gathered that the short silk dress was something of a uniform, and that the ropes were a tradation for welcoming new employees to the house. The old man who tied her up explained that he was a master instructor in various of the Oriental arts, and that he would show her how to perform some of her duties. He said that this simple tie was by way of introduction, and that her employers had chosen the sunshine and blue sky colour-scheme of her national flag as an especial honour to her. She felt very flattered, and really rather intrigued. What duties was this sprightly old gentleman going to show her, she wondered?

The sprightly old man had a large black case with him. He opened it and started to explain to Rannveig exactly what uses each instrument or device could be put to. Dildos and gags and paddles and vibrators and manacles and corsets and chains and pokers and whips and crops and spreaders and speculums and balls and ... it was all very interesting! She couldn't wait for the demonstrations to start. She had her eyes on a nice big set of ben-wa balls in blue and yellow which she thought would be ever so exciting to wear whilst doing the dusting!

The old man took her off the stool, lifting her as easily as if she were a paper-dry leaf falling from the trees in golden autumn. His strong hands undid her bonds, but permitted her no hope of escape while he rebound her in a different position. Now this seemed more like it- although she had only a little freedom of movement, her legs were open... and she sincerely hoped that someone was going to be kneeling between them very shortly, parting her thighs and discovering just how excited she was...

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