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Holly Kiss
Holly Kiss: Relaxation Time

Holly's had a hard day at work, ordering people around and trying to get her lazy staff to deliver on time and under budget. They seem to need a really firm hand, with hardly a one of them able to take an actual decision, so she ends up deciding absolutely everything. She's up to the job, but frankly, it is exhausting.

So when she gets home, she's in the mood to kick of her shoes, slowly strip off her stockings, slide out of her skirt, unbutton her blouse, and get the handcuffs out... she doesn't want to make a single decision this evening! So she's relying on you to take charge and give her a good hard seeing to: the very best sort of relaxation for a busy businesswoman!

Now Holly is ready for you to take control- she's all yours this evening! She's had more than enough of making decisions at work, it is time for you to decide what is going to happen to her. She's a bit apprehensive, but so turned on... what will you do to her? Or should I say, what will you do to her FIRST?

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