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Kobe Lee
Kobe: Steeplechase

It was another perfect midsummer day; the Society had always been lucky with the weather for their most popular annual event, and today was no exception. As always, the gentlemen and their accompanying ladies had separated at lunchtime, to prepare for the afternoon's festivities...

The rules were pretty simple. A course was set out through the Manor's woodland, and the gentlemen competed to see who could find the way round first.

The ladies, of course, served as signposts. Kobe Lee, for example, was placed on a lovely sunny rock, and every time a competitor crested the hill and found her, she pointed out the way to him. Of course, it was a little bit difficult with her hands and feet tied, but this was the tradition. Kobe Lee was playing a little game of her own though. Sometimes she was very quick and helpful to point a gentleman in the right direction, sometimes she was rather slow, and even rather forgetful. It all depended on how much she liked the look of him...

Doubtless, she'd get into all sorts of trouble at the banquet later, but that too was part of the tradition...

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