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Dolly's: Lunch Hour

Dolly's business had really taken off over the last 18 months. She was whisking all over the globe as shares in her company rocketed and she made deal after deal with new associates. She'd totally stopped worrying about money, she'd already made far more than she could ever spend. But she'd never have realised before, how stressful success was. But fortunately, she'd found something that de-stressed her absolutely reliably, and absolutely blissfully.

Dolly's lunch hour was her little secret. Like today, scheduling lunch for just after they'd taken the publicity photos for the company brochure. Why not kick back and enjoy a little personal use of company facilities? She was absolutely sure that her P.A. Stephen could be trusted, and he was simply marvellous with rope. Her favourite, Dolly mused as she lay relaxing in the tight but wonderfully cocooning rope, was definitely the hogtie. How wonderful to have an hour to herself, in which she wasn't in charge for once....

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