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Kate B
VIDEO: Kate B - Should Have Just Paid The Rent

Kate is always short of cash. Not because she's poor, but because she has an insatiable desire to own shoes, handbags, dresses, precious little things... So it probably isn't any surprise that when her landlord comes around for the rent, her purse is empty. What to do? She owes him several weeks' rent already, and he's not going to take no for an answer this time! She could maybe bear to part with a few older items of clothing on eBay, but she's not going to get the money soon enough to placate him.

Then it occurred to her- brilliant! She could get rid of the clothes, but to him. She knew he fancied her, and a harmless little game of strip poker would be just the thing. She could bet items of clothing and he could bet cash or her rent I.O.U.'s against her. She was not even fazed when he insisted on adding a little twist- bondage strip poker. Every time she lost, not only would she lose an item of clothing, he'd add a rope or a gag. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound! And if she lost big, well, she could always see what sort of service he might require....

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