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VIDEO: Dolly - The Next Level

Submissive Dolly is ready to take her voluntary slavery agreement to the next level. But first she must pass the test. She goes to the slave's entrance of the organisation's town house, entering barefoot as befits a slave, before presenting herself in the audience chamber, naked and kneeling.

If she is successful, her sexuality will become the property of the organisation. But first there is a test to be passed to see if she is worthy. She is instructed to proceed to the purple room for her ordeal. Chained face down on the bed, she must accept a severe punishment with the strap- but the real test is that she must select the severity of the punishment herself. Too much and she will not be able to endure- and she will fail. Too little and she will not be considered as a serious candidate- and she will fail. It is her desire which will carry her through the punishment. How many will she choose? And will she beg?

11.10 minutes (350.5 MB zip)

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