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Amber West
Amber - Taken Into Custody

She'd been out on the streets having a good time. A really good time, if you know what I mean. She'd just split up with her vile ex-boyfriend, and was not so much on the rebound as on the ricochet! She couldn't quite remember which club it was where she'd left her shoes, her mobile had gone a few hours ago, her purse she distinctly remembered giving to a friend for safe keeping, but had no idea which friend.

Standing outside the local massage parlour and shouting at the customers that she'd give them a good seeing-to for free was probably not the best of ideas, although in their drunken haze the girls all thought it was good for laugh. The only trouble was... they were too drunk to be able to tell a knocking shop from a high-class gym.

Suffice to say the police were called...

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