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Faye Taylor
Faye: All Made Up

Faye is supposed to be going out with her boyfriend to celebrate his birthday, and she was going to give him his presents when they got home. But he spotted the parcel when he got home from work, and she couldn't resist giving the parcel to him early. She thought it was maybe time that they spiced up their sex life- she'd been wanting to try bondage for as long as she could remember, but was far too embarrassed to actually ask him. Buying a ballgag and some handcuffs seemed like a good way to drop the hint!

She hadn't anticipated quite such an enthusiastic reception! Getting the gag into her mouth suddenly turned into his top priority (she maintains that she doesn't really talk THAT much!) He warned her not to try taking it out, or he'd take her over his knee and spank her bare bottom! Then he pulled up her dress, and cuffed her to the chair on display. Faye had to admit, it was more fun than an evening at Pizza Hut would have been...

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