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Faye Taylor
Faye: Not Posh Enough

She'd thought she looked really good, in her smart aquamarine dress, pretty high heels and obligatory hat. And she didn't see how anyone could possibly spot that her ticket was forged - it looked perfect to her, watermark and all. But the Royal Enclosure appeared to have extremely officious security guards. And even a holding facility for people like her who tried to get in without a valid invitation. The room gradually became more and more crowded with other girls, all of whom got the same humiliating treatment as Faye. Stripped of their dresses, handbags and smart shoes, and tied up. Why on earth did the guards leave their hats on though? Was it, perhaps, for their AMUSEMENT? How unfair! Not to mention unkind. Faye was determined to give the meanest looking one a good kick in the balls once she got out. If only she could squirm out of the ropes somehow!

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