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Faye Taylor
Faye: Not in Surrey Any More

How utterly, utterly horrid!Faye had been simply begging her father for money to spend her gap year in the Amazon, and he'd finally relented, despite muttering grudgingly about the expense, the dangers of it all, and his opinion that she should be coming straight into the family antiques business and starting to be useful! And he'd managed to spoil it by being mean with the allowance he gave her - nowhere near enough to take one of the best quality tours. Ha! She'd managed it though. A grubby little travel agent off Oxford Street had found her a guide for a fraction of the price she'd been offered elsewhere. He seemed a bit shifty and not as friendly as she'd have liked when he met her at the airport, but Faye was determined to enjoy herself anyway.

And now look what had happened! Her bloody, bloody guide seemed to have made some sort of deal with a group of bandits, and once they were safely on the trail he handed her straight over to them. What on earth were they planning to do with her? They couldn't be cannibals could they? Suddenly the idea of being sold into sex slavery seemed almost appealing. What an utterly awful gap year this was turning out to be!

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