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Faye Taylor
VIDEO: Ariel & Faye - Never Seen Again

Faye is a hard-nosed reporter, chasing the story of a high priced sex slave ring. Women are being kidnapped, some are never seen again, others come back... changed, different...

A woman who told her friends she was filing for divorce vanishes for a week and returns home submissive and constantly craving sex with her husband.

A beautiful woman is found naked wandering the streets by the police. Unable to speak or communicate she can't keep her hands off any male that is in the room with her. Handcuffing her is out of the question as she becomes aroused more when restrained.

Faye has tracked a lead to the mysterious Ariel, but all is not as it seems and Faye starts to feel woozy. "The tea! What did you put in the tea?" she cries.

Triumphant, Ariel knows that she has Faye in her clutches. And once she has been through the brainwashing procedure, she will be reduced to an abject pleasure slave, no longer in a position to trouble Ariel or endanger her operation! Stripping her naked, Ariel leads a compliant Faye to the brainwashing room and begins the program. Faye's mind struggles to awake, to resist- she doesn't want to be turned into a sex slave! But she is bound and subjected to torments to mix pleasure and pain in her mind, subjected to whirling images of BDSM and the hypnotic voice telling her over and over that she must not resist, pleasure is pain, happiness is submission...

24.32 minutes (773.5 MB zip)

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