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Faye Taylor
Faye: The Misbehaving Maid

Faye actually really liked her job, especially now that she was a front-of-house slavegirl. This meant that she got to serve her Master directly, rather than just be a boring behind-the-scenes drudge. However, today wasn't much fun yet.She'd expected her first weekend house party as front-of-house slavegirl to be a bit more action packed. But her Master and all his guests had been out in the meadow all afternoon watching the human pony races, and no one had come to the salon for fruit, or tea, or even a quick bit of fun with her! Now it was almost 6pm, and they'd be going and getting dressed for dinner soon. They might miss out on her altogether! And another thing, she was hungry. And tired. Maybe a quick sit down would be ok - no one was here to care. And golly, the bananas did look delicious.

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