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Faye Taylor
Faye Taylor: The Vampire

Ah, my dear! The terms of our re-union are in no way disagreeable to me. Delighted though I was to have enjoyed the depths of your dungeons and the delights to be had in worming my way our through the castle sewers, the death-defying tiptoe through the deluge of the storm on little ledges of limestone to make my way to the base of the mountain was a tad too rich for my blood. And my blood was the centre of the mystery, was it not? You hunger for it, I see it still. But rest assured my dear that you will be quite powerless in this room. Why the very walls are entwined with silver strands so fine as to be invisible... but that is a mere reinforcement to the rude metal that lies about your pretty neck. There will be no escape, no escape for you!

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