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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel & Paige: Next Top Model

There's always one in every series. The model who thinks she's got it in the bag. The one who doesn't have to try because, darling, she is already the complete package. The limelight hog, the girl who keeps elbowing ahead, the one who won't accept that she's had her twenty shots on set and it is time to clear out and let the next contestant have her go. This season, the "in the bag" model is called Ariel Anderssen,. It is week two and everyone is sick of her already.

Like today. Fashion bondage shoot, simple enough, get tied up on location, twenty shots for a magazine spread, the end. Except for Ariel. For some reason, her twenty shots won't be enough. She needs to do more poses, to follow her muse, to show the photographer where he is going wrong... she actually refused to clear off set so that Paige could come on and do her stuff!

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