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Tillie: Left Behind

Poor slave girl Tillie has just been informed that she's going to have to endure the one punishment she really genuinely dreads. Canes and crops hold no fear for her. Whips and welts just stimulate her. No, the only punishment that really bites is being left behind when he goes away for the weekend!

Hywel's note: this is another of the sets in the "figure out how to do available light" learning curve. You'll notice there are three different set-ups in use here- one flash lit one, shot on the Hasselblad. The short duration flash and fast leaf shutter in the lens lead to the blacked out windows and the night-time feeling of those shots. (And the curse of flash photography- reflections of the softbox in the glass of the windows in some shots!)

Then there's something lit with flash but with the windows bright, again on the Hasselblad (the shots with _reh_ in the name are Hasselblad ones by the way). Finally there's some shallow depth of field ones shot on the Sony in pure available light. (These are the ones with _DSC_ in the filename). All are nice, and they give interesting differences in feel to the shots, I think.

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