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Tigerr Benson
Tigerr: The Processing Centre

At the Glasgow Processing Centre, there was a strict protocol. New slave-girls were stripped, showered and given the appropriate shots for the countries they were being shipped to. Then they were dressed in whatever clothes the new owner had ordered then packaged in a crate for transportation.

Tigerr was a bit different. Her new Master had been called away from home at the last minute (no one at the Centre was sure what he actually did, but they were guessing he was in politics) and he wanted Tigerr kept until he was back to receive her.

This was no problem for the Centre staff. They'd already prepared her for transport so they simply gagged her with packing tape and hogtied her so she wouldn't make a nuisance of herself, and left her in one of the holding cells. They didn't think she'd have to be there for more than 48 hours...

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