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Artemis Fauna
Artemis: Bondage Beauty Pagent

"And the last finalist in this year's Miss Bondage Beauty is Artemis Fauna! Artemis is 5 foot 7, has blue eyes, a single tattoo and normally wears shoes in size 5- but of course Bob, she's not wearing shoes tonight!"

"No, Elizabeth- like all the contestants, Artemis has opted for the barefoot in ballgown look, always popular with the judges."

"Yes, Bob, the judges agree that it shows the correct mix of elegance and submission that we look for in the idea Bondage Beauty. Notice that Artemis has paired the striking green satin with the gleam of cold steel- metal bondage is always a safe option with elegant evening-wear, wouldn't you say?"

"Absolutely, Elizabeth! But the question is, can she pull off enough variation in her photoshoot to excite the judges? Oh, I see she's asking humbly for the second bondage option to be added, a screw-down rigid cuff. That's an unusual choice, eye-catching but perhaps a bit overstated?"

"Oh Bob, you're so conventional! I think it suits her. And look, she is demurely revealing her breasts now... the judges are sure to rise to that... Oh! but what's this? Globe cuffs! Well that's certainly upped the ante, I bet the previous contestants are cursing that not one of them thought of that combo! What with her performance in the swimsuit round, this might just be enough to do it for Artemis!"

"Well, Elizabeth, Artemis has certainly... uh... done it for me!"

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