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Gemma Craven
Gemma in Green

Madam Sadie O'Sullivan runs one of the most lucrative dungeon whorehouses in Singapore. Her girls are carefully picked, submissives who have family to miss them; dominants who truly hate men and really get off on breaking their balls. Anything is available at Sadie's, it's just a matter of haggling over the price. You see, Madam Sadie has a weakness for gambling, and it has got her into debt with the Triads, and so she always, always needs the cash. Madam Sadie is famed as a ball crushing dominant bitch on three continents. Her first husband seems to have set off something inside her which can only be satisfied by plucking the pubic hairs out of a man's balls one by one with a pair of tweezers. She never, ever works as a submissive. That's the only rule in Sadie's.

But her horses lost all the races yesterday, and Slick Jack knows how deep the Triad have their hooks into her, and Slick Jack surely would like to see Madam Sadie scream. Slick Jack just made a killing on the races and he thought it only fair to give some of Madam Sadie's money back to her. For a price, of course.

"Slick Jack, you after another western whore to whip today? Is that a bundle of cash I see stuffed into your trousers, or are you just pleased to see me?"

"Hey M' Sadie. Slick Jack won himself a bundle on the races yesterday. Slick Jack hears you didn't do so good, so Slick Jack figures to share his good luck about, you know?"

"Well, Slick Jack, there's plenty of choice for you today. We got a new blonde in room 17, she howls like hell if you whip her cunt they say." Sadie's eyes were glued to the wedge of cash in Slick Jack's hand. Slick Jack had surely had some good luck yesterday, hadn't he? That would just about get the Triads off her back for the next month! She had to come up with something special to part him from his winnings, right now! "No M' Sadie. Slick Jack don't want no blonde. Slick Jack got himself a big, big bundle and Slick Jack knows the hole he wants to stick it in. Slick Jack's only in the market for one whore today, and that's a redhead." "Uh-uh, Slick Jack. You knows the rules!"

"Well, see M' Sadie, Slick Jack knows about rules, and how rules get bent or broken. And Slick Jack sees that its money does the bending. And Slick Jack here's got a whole heap of money today. 'Course, if you let Slick Jack walk out the door, he's going to blow his wad into some other bitch's whoreshack, and that'd put you right in shit with the Triads, wouldn't it, M' Sadie?" Madam Sadie grabbed the cash.

Slick Jack let her count it. Then Slick Jack grabbed Madam Sadie. God damn, Slick Jack was going to enjoy himself tonight!

"Go on then, Slick Jack. You got me, after all these years. What you gonna do with me?"

"Slick Jack's gonna take his time, and Slick Jack's going to spend the whole night with you."

The handcuffs to start with, of course. Slick Jack had his routine. He liked to watch them squirm a little while he prepared. Then he takes off the shoes, usually he throws them in the trash. Today he cuts them to bits with a penknife. Madam Sadie shudders. She's seen Slick Jack's handiwork, often. Many a time she has watched him thrash some poor whore's ass off, have her howling the place down. Many a time she's crouched by the spyhole in the room Slick Jack likes to use. Slick Jack's got style, and a very hefty right arm.

Slick Jack was whistling to himself as he took up Madam Sadie's own favourite crop and thwacked her rump with it a few times. It raised a yelp, which they both knew was totally fake. Too many layers of cloth for any real effect. Slick Jack was just biding his time. A gag to stop her smart mouth.

A spreader bar to get those ankles wide apart, ready for a bit of assault on her panties. Just a bit, then it was chains and upsadaisy, feet off the floor. Ready for Slick Jack to really begin to extract his price from her.

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