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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel - Buying Shoes (Part Three)

After her ordeal in the kitchen, Ariel thinks her husband will relent on punishing her for buying too many pairs of shoes on his credit card. Not a bit of it! She is marched back into the punishment room to give him more of a fashion show, showing off the next pair of shoes. He decides that the most appropriate punishment is to lock her in the cage with her feet sticking out of the top, then he uses leg-irons on her slender ankles to keep them there! So she is unable to resist as he inflicts terrible tortures on her soles with a spiked wheel- and then doubles and triples it up with a double wheel whose spikes are ELECTRIFIED! Oh, and just in case that wasn't getting through to her, the clothespegs on her nipples should act as a reinforcement, too!

17.48 minutes (570.5 MB zip)

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