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Kate (The Temptress)
Kate - The Crop!

I think some girls just have a guilty conscience. Maybe it was because she'd made a mistake with the library filing system today, putting Astrology under science. maybe it was because she thought sleeping with her supervisor was somehow a bad thing. Gave sucking up to the boss a whole new meaning, I can tell you. Hell, I even wondered whether it was the right thing to do myself, for all of about quarter of a second. I guess had someone told me that I'd be screwing Miss Adams the librarian I'd have laughed at them. You don't see her like this during the day, of course. The hair goes into a bun so tight you could make diamonds in the centre. The steel-rimmed glasses (which she doesn't even need) go on like the armour on a battleship. Her skirts are so crisp you could cut yourself on the pleats.

Was I surprised that first time when she turned up at my house, undressed to kill in a scarlet slip? I think you could say that, yeah. Was I surprised when she locked me in a deep tongue kiss, shoved me back across the threshold and tore at my clothes? I guess so. Was I surprised when she pulled out the whip, flexed it, growled? Oh yeah. But when she handed it me, turned around and said "I was EVER such a naughty girl at work today, mister Supervisor sir, I think I need to be punished!" I wasn't surprised. I was stunned.

It doesn't seem to matter if she's done something wrong or not. All that seems to matter is that she needs it, good and hard, right across that delicious rump. Then she needs it good and hard between the legs. I don't know what it is that gives her a guilty conscience. But I'm glad to give her my own personal kind of absolution for her imagined sins.

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