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Kate (The Temptress)
Kate - The Inn

It had been a long hard journey, travelling by night as well as by day, across the mountains in the bitter cold of early winter. The golden light of dawn fell on the ground with the golden leaves from the tree overhead. He had been a long, long time on the road and no longer felt the miles. What he felt was the solitude.

Serving the King was a good position, and a Crown messenger did have certain prerogatives. Like turning up at an inn and demanding food and drink in the King's name. Like having the door opened by the Inn Keeper's daughter, the only soul awake in the place at the crack of dawn. Like having the buxom lass prepare him a simple but hearty breakfast, and slide along the bench to hear the gossip from the city.

Like having her pretend there was a nail loose in her boot heel, and stripping her boots off to show some very shapely ankle. Like having her heave her bosom in his general direction and slide along the polished bench while she listened to him. Like grabbing hold of her wrist, and wrestling her to the floor...

She looked very pretty wriggling around in red rope. The King's messenger helped himself to a jug of beer and a second helping of stew and listened to her (rather unconvincing) protests. She didn't seem to be making much effort to get herself untied, even though the position looked quite strenuous. After a while though her struggles took on slightly more urgency. He guessed that her hands were getting a bit numb, and she was probably finding it a bit hard to breathe lying on the hard wooden table. He finished his beer, wiped the froth from his stubble, and smiled at her.

"Now my dear, I have been on the road a LONG time..."

She yelped as he started to unbuckle his belt.

It didn't last too long. He had been on the road a long time. As he rearranged her skirts and made her look a little more presentable (if still a little flushed), he asked her how often they got visitors, and where everyone else had got to.

"Well, if you'd ASKED I could have told you. They've all gone off to market and they won't be back until nightfall. And we'll be full this evening, but everyone stays in town on Market evening. So we're all alone here."

"Perfect", was his reply.

"You COULD untie me you know. I live here, I'm not going anywhere." "I could, but I don't think I will. It is more fun this way!" He left her to struggle, tied to a chair, while he went in search of firewood to warm the hall. Even after a month on the road he still needed some break between exertions. She wasn't going anywhere, after all!

The next time around he took his time. Slowly untied her, slowly undressed her. He wasn't going to tie her up again... but somehow it just seemed like the right thing to do. She pouted when he untied her, but pouted even more until he tied her up again!

The life of the open road. The life of an innkeeper's daughter. Each had their compensations, on days like today. Tomorrow, he would have to leave. But today... today there was time to remember what life was really all about. And maybe some day soon he would get sent this way again, and the Innkeeper's daughter would be here to greet him again.

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