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Kate (The Temptress)
Kate - As Lara!

From the heart of the English countryside to the heart of the jungle of Borneo, in search of the talisman to unlock the gates. Combat roll through the last gateway into the darkened tomb. Machete and pistol at brandished with a quick flourish- our heroine is ready for anything! A statue moves from its alcove and the gun comes up; six shots squeezed of deadly accurate, right between the eyes. The statue smiles, robot chromium gleam revealed trhough crumbling stonework.

The robot bends her body in ways it doesn't want to go. The birght red ropes constrict and twist of their own accord- every pull and every twitch draws the ropes at her elbows tighter, putting unbearable pressure on her arms, her shoulders, her wrists... what is to be become of our action heroine? A voice from the shadows. "You've foiled my plans one time too many. This time, I will be rid of you! It is time for you to sleep with the fishes!" The sinister mobster called off his robot but sent in his heavily-muscled thugs to take their place. One of them was carrying a large vat of wet concrete. He grunted as he lowered it to floor in front of where our heroine sits bound and helpless. Two thugs force her ankles down into the cold mixture. Ropes hold her ankles in place. She tries to get herself free, but the most she can achieve is to wiggle her toes in the slowly congealing and hardening concrete.

"Boris- ensure that the concrete hardens properly. Then take our guest for a little swim. The reactor outflow pool should be a nice warm place for a relaxing workout. Goodbye, my dear. I have an appointment- with Destiny!"

(Hywel's aside: OK, it isn't concrete. It is lukewarm porridge (oatmeal). I've left in a couple of shots where Kate couldn't help the giggles with the gooey sensations... normally Kate has her mind 100% on the shoot but this time the lukewarm stuff squidging between her toes just distracted her deliciously!)

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