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Kate (The Temptress)
Kate - The Sorceress

Life was such a bore. So many tedious parties, so many dull princes all charming talk and limp cocks. So many goodly wizards pontificating about the needs of the people and the purity of the aetheric flows. So many Kings coming to pay court, trying to persuade her to ally herself with them in some pointless war or other. Even cruelty to small animals palled after a while. The only thing that ever provided any excitement was messing around with things that no sorceror, officially, had anything to do with. But wasn't she the Sorceress of the Black Cauldron? What threat was there to her in the forbidden tomes? At least demons were fun to talk to.

Kneeling in the circle, she drew the knife across her palm to complete the spell. The gifts were ready on the table, the binding spell already active. The creature that appeared wasn't one that she'd called up before. That wasn't quite what she'd been expecting, and a tiny warning bell started to sound at the back of her mind. She ignored it, proceeded with the spell. After all, wasn't she the Sorceress of the Black Cauldron?

"Demon, I bind you by the thrice cursed blade!"

The demon looked at her.

A slight frown furroed her brow. She pressed on.

"Demon, by the gift of this diamond, I command you to my service!"

A red tentacle of light exploded at her palm, shooting the priceless demon across the chamber, where it shattered into a million shards. The furrow deepened and the warning bells started to really chime.

"Demon, by the fgift of these pearls, I bind thee and abjure thee to my service!"

The box of pearls went flying.

She noticed the gap in the circle.

"Oh FUCK!"

The demon laughed.

Tentacles of red light snaked out, encircled the Sorceress' neck. Solidified into black adamantine chains as the chamber started to fade around them. The Chinese have a lot of hells, with a demon lord for each. In the Hell of Wedding Days the brides all wear white, but their consent isn't going to be asked and there isn't going to be the sort of ceremony the Sorceress of the Black Cauldron might have dreamed of as a girl.

There is a certain ceremonial ring to the unveiling of the demon lord's new bride, a tantalising glimpse of the delights of which he is going to partake all to soon. The chains are cold around the Sorceress' wrists as her thin robes are removed. She is used to nudity, often doesn't think anything of it. But somehow this is different. The hard, bored facade is slipping... the demon lord finds blushing brides all the more appealing.Soon she lies naked on the ground in hell, her throat chained to unseen vaults in the blackness. The demon lord greets his new bride, he is very pleased to see her. All of her.

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