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Fi Stevens
Fi - A Classic Hogtie

In a recent forum thread, Ariel pondered what makes the hogtie such a classic bondage position. There were lots of thoughts as to what makes it such a good way to tie up a damsel. It ranks high on the inescapability scale, especially if the knots are tied out of reach of her fingers. It is also very immobilising for such a simple tie, and what's more, she looks really helpless and defenceless. Of course, if you have a foot fetish, it is also the bondage version of the "face and feet" position that's so well loved that foot fetish fans call it the pose.

Whatever the reasons, I love hogties. Especially hogties with a nice big ball-gag. I wonder if Fi Stevens loves them too? She's certainly got a twinkle in her eye, for all that she's fighting the bonds and wriggling around!

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