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Fi Stevens
Fi: Collared and Chained

This was actually shot at the very first shoot Fi and I did, back in 2004. Always worth going through one's hard drove occasionally to figure out what sets one might have missed! (Actually these days everything is much better organised so I can't leave sets to languish for quite so long in the distant corners of my computer).

I think the original idea was that Fi was going to be chained up in a steam room- actually it was an experiment in using the smoke machine in a high key set. As I discovered, there's a big risk of smoke overpowering things (which is why the early shots in the set are a bit... obscured) but if you do it correctly it can look lovely and romantic. And on low key sets it can look very dramatic.

Anyway, you probably don't want to know any more about the techie nerdy stuff- what about the hot bondage stuff and the gorgeous redhead collared, chained and gagged? Well, you don't need me to tell you about those... just take a look for yourself!

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