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Danielle Maye
Danielle: Too Sexy For Our Stables!

Poor Danielle! She'd always loved horse riding, so of course when she moved to Toffington Bottomly, one of her first ports of call was the stable. A riding club, how super! A chance to ride through country lanes and leafy meadows instead of city parks. The other girls seemed a bit stand offish, but she was sure they'd open up a bit once they got to know each other.

She didn't think she could possibly have done anything to upset them. But she had- the other girls were so unspeakably jealous of Danielle's looks and figure that they couldn't stand the thought of her riding around and showing all of them up. So they hatched a plan- they would capture her when she was out for a ride, drag her to the barn of Outridge's farm, and put the frighteners on her. Make her leave the village, or at least have the decency to dress like a frump whenever she went riding!

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