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Kate (The Temptress)
Kate: Research Study

Kate was taking her sociology degree very, very seriously. Her chosen topic was 'Chivalry - Is It Dead in Europe?' and this Summer, she was travelling the continent, setting herself up in perilous situations and noting the response of passing strangers. So far, she had noticed a sad lack of chivalry anywhere. Take today, for example. Here she was, in the heart of a farming community (Kate was being very careful to cover urban, suburban and rural areas) and so far, no one had tried to rescue her at all! She decided to experiment with a variety of facial expressions in order to see if she could perhaps find something of note to write up.

When she thought about it, the passing strangers mainly looked quite pleased to see her. And actually, that'd been the same in the last three countries she'd visited. Kate wondered if she'd stumbled across a subject for next year's project...

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