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Jenny Smith
Jenny Smith: A Most Agreeable Model

Ariel Writes:

First shoots are always a gamble - models don't always turn up looking the way they do in their pictures, and they aren't always as open to trying different bondage ideas as they'd be in an ideal world. Jenny Smith, however, was an absolute dream to tie up. 'Have you tried nipple clamps?' I asked diffidently. 'I'll have a go!' replied helpful Jenny. 'Can I try bending your arms around a bit, and see what positions you might be able to do?' I asked. 'This is called Reverse Prayer, and not many people can do it'. 'I have TALENTED arms!' exclaimed Jenny in delight. So of course, we thought we should prove it. A can-do attitude is so attractive. As is Jenny's long shiny hair, her perfect alabaster complexion, her gorgeous curves. And yes, her bendiness :)

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