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Jules - The Nurse

"Malingering in bed, my boy? That's four days you've been lying here moaning about being a death's door! I'm your girlfriend, not your bloody Mum! You've had that many cups of hot chocolate out of me, I'm fed up of it! So I'm going to try some kill-or-cure. Nurse Jules has on her kinky nurse's outfit and she's is going to see just how ill you really are. A couple of aspirin should sort you out. What's that? Can't take them? Well! We can't have that! If you can't take the medicine, maybe there is really something wrong? We'd better take your temperature, hadn't we? Roll over my boy, this is going where the reading doesn't get fooled by a swig of hot chocolate! Won't comply? Thought that might be the case, so I brought these!"

She flashed the red cuffs in triumph and leaned over his naked body to fasten the first cuff about his wrist. His strong, calloused hand closed around her slim wrist. His other hand slammed into the small of her back, overbalanced her. Ten seconds later the cuffs were all fastened- but not around him!

Nurse Jules bound and struggling was just the pick-me-up he needed.

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