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Jules - The Puppet

This was just an experiment with a slightly different bondage position. Jules hadn't done any bondage modelling before, but we'd done several positions that day and she seemed to have been OK with most of them. But I'd given her quite a lot of freedom of movement: a lot of models prefer that, and it certainly makes it easier to get a good, varied set of poses. But when the model is a little more confident it is fun to try something a bit stricter. For this one I wanted Jules to feel like a puppet on a string. So her wrists are fastened to a tight waist rope, her elbows behind her to the spreader bar, and ropes run up from the bar to a ceiling hook and back down to her ankles. She could sort of shuffle around in place, but every time she tilted her body a little it would pull her foot off the ground and vice versa. She was certainly not in control of how she stood, and there was just no way she was getting free. A few padlocks in critical places saw to that. Helpless, but a nice kind of helpless... this time, anyway.

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