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Jules and The Werewolf!

She knew she shouldn't dally so long in the woods. Her mother and father worried so when she was out alone too late. But it had been a long, lazy autumn day and the woods were full of delicious wild mushrooms. She knew father loved wild mushrooms, so she had spent the whole afternoon gathering the best specimens up in her skirts. She'd got so many that it made walking really slow. So slow that she realised it was getting dark, and she was still hours away from home. She didn't want to leave the mushrooms after all that effort, so when she came across her father's shack by the brook she decided that it would be alright to stay the night there. After all, father stayed here at night often. She slipped into the shack. She found a sheepskin to lie on, laid her precious crop of mushrooms on the floor and with a huge yawn, she settled down to sleep.

Outside, the Harvest Moon rose full, baleful and fireglow-orange on the Horizon.

A man's tortured scream split the night, turned into a deep-throated animal's howl. A wolf pack greeted the rising of the blood moon and the arrival of their lord.

She awoke from her doze with a start, hearing the scream. She looked around, too sleepy to be terrified but too scared to sleep. The door to the hut shivered in its frame as something huge hit it. She only had time to gasp and draw away before the door splintered asunder. Fireglow moonlight outlined a huge. muscular body and glinted on ivory fangs. The werewolf leapt upon her, wrestled her to the ground... she fainted. She awoke in the dark, the smashed lamp by her side. For an instant she thought she was in her bedroom in the farmhouse, that she had just had a bad dream. Then she felt the pressure from the rough ropes crudely tied around her wrists and ankles... and heard the hoarse sound of the werewolf's breath in the darkness. She screamed.

Paws reached out of the blackness and grabbed hold of her hair, pulled her head roughly back. As she screamed and fought, the werewolf muscled a wad of cloth into her mouth to quiet her screams. Then with one claw, he picked at the lacing of the terrified girl's bodice... and began to undress her! The sounds of the night filled the hut. Her blood roared in her ears, her panic rising to fever pitch as she struggled to get free of her bonds... but all that she managed to do was to arouse the beast. The beast that hungered for her flesh, for her soft skin... the beast that removed her peasant blouse with surprisingly delicate touch, the claws that could rend her in an instant somehow caressing, gentle... but still insistent. There would be no saying "No" this night.

Nor would she have if she were able to speak.

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