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Rachelle Summers
Rachelle: Too Cool To Get Tied Up?

She'd made a career of that fetish fashion look. Just slightly jaded, like she'd seen it all before. Her online persona was all self-promotion and ennui, written in the third person like she was so famous that all her publicity was done by adoring fans, rather than by her in her travelodge room on her iPad. And she insisted that she only ever be booked via her agent- direct conversation with her clients was, of course, beneath her. Which is probably how she ended up at a genuine fetish shoot for a change, actually tied up in ropes and her mouth filled with a ball-gag. She'd lorded it over her agent once too often!

And after all, what was the use of posing around with the trappings of fetish just to look cool? The real hardcore fans can see straight through it. Funnily enough, she didn't really seem to mind too much once she's got over the reflex to splutter with the indignity of it all.

Hywel's Note: just wanted to emphasise that this is just a story- Rachelle isn't like that at shoots at all! :-)

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