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Pling - Slavegirl Portrait

When I got back from the shooting trip in France at the start of September, I posted some sample photos on the forum. One of our lady members, who goes by the forum nickname 'Pling' on the site, posted to say she loved the photos and she really wished it was her in the photos instead of Ariel, Hannah and Sabrina. Well, a gentleman can hardly resist such a wish from a lady can he? We exchanged a few emails, and she flew over to London especially to get tied up and have some photos taken. I've never done anything quite like that before but it seemed like a fun idea. I thought if we managed a few really striking photos we could do a 'Restrained Elegance slavegirl portrait gallery'... and this is it! Of course, we did more than a few really striking photos, we did several really striking sets! So I've put up the first three today and we'll have the other two as a Christmas present on 25th I think :-) I really enjoyed the day, it was great to work with someone who isn't a professional model but who really loved being bound and photographed in the Restrained Elegance style. I hope she will forgive me for the first few pics in this set- the ones called 'Hownottolight.jpg'. The evening before, I had done a time-for-prints shoot for fun with a local model, Sarah. Sarah had quite a deep tan, dark eyes and brown hair. Pling, as you can see, has a very fair complexion. It just goes to show how important the light is to showing someone at their best- the first shot is where I put Pling in the same lighting set-up that had worked well the night before for Sarah. Eeeeek! She looked like a ghost. First step was to turn down the fill in lights on camera left and the second hairlight behind her camera left (pic 2). That helped, but was very lacklustre. Adding a warm-up filter and turning the fill down even more was better, although underexposed (pic 3). Turning the second hairlight back on gave pic 4, which is most of the way to a decent lighting pattern. Re-introducing the fill at a very low level was the final ingredient and that's what you can see in the rest of the shots. Result!

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