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The Elegance Network: Browsing VIDEO: Goldie and Chanta Rose - Forced Orgasms
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VIDEO: Goldie and Chanta Rose - Forced Orgasms

Now we see what was causing poor Goldie such distress! A magic wand vibrator attached to the satin-draped bondage horse, and Mistress Chanta is in a mean mood... Hywel's note: I've always been a bit cautious about doing material that might be considered out-and-out porn. It isn't that I object to porn (far from it!) but that when I have tried in the past I've been rather dissatisfied with the results. I wanted to keep the elegant, glamorous feeling of Restrained Elegance, even when shooting more explicit material. When the magic wand was mentioned in the forum a couple of people complained about how it looked like a kitchen appliance- hardly sexy! I had to agree, but there's nothing like it for dragging an orgasm out of a slightly unwilling (but willing really) slavegirl. So - I set to thinking 'how can I do what I want to do, but with the look and style of Restrained Elegance?'. This is what I came up with. What do you think?...
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