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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Land Girls. (Well, Land Slave Girls)

In times of national crisis, your country needs you! Sign up as a Land Slave Girl now! Get back to nature, living the simple life, farming and ploughing the fields, a wholesome existence with no worries or troubles!

That's what the recruitment poster said. It somehow failed to mention the bars, the cages, the sleeping on straw... or the horrible heavy five-point shackles. And it DEFINITELY didn't mention the uniforms they had to wear. Yuck! Stripes are soooo last year...!

Hywel's Note: we had to cut shooting this set a bit short, and there were some technical issues, so it only came out to 27 photos. I didn't think it really counted as a proper update, so I've put it up as a bonus set today. Hope you enjoy it!

27 pics 8.9 MB zip

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