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Belle's Fantasies

Welcome to my corner. Now if you have been here before you may only know me as a brat that is a terrible slave girl and never gets her own way! Well I can tell you that this isn’t the only side to me you know! Im a woman that has a real love for passion and sex and of course being tied up really really tightly. Come and join me in my most wildest fantasies where I get tied up, spanked and get very bad (but good) things happen to me. I love nothing more than to have a good seeing to and get my just desserts. As you know if you have been to Belles Corner before I do have a tendency to not do as I’m told! That’s part of the fun though! I like to behave badly to have all my ultimate turn-on’s happen to me. These fantasies are from the real Belle so brace yourself this is going to be one orgasmic ride for the both of us.

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