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Sabrina by Merlin and Steve

This was not mentioned in the briefing. Although new to the job she'd been levered into the taskforce as, frankly, nobody else was likely to cut it as a calendar model and somebody had to get in. It was the rope through her crotch that really brought the reality home, it was there every time she moved and it seemed every pose the director demanded pulled it deeper. Clearly she was now on her own now, she know she should be scared, feel trapped or vulnerable but somehow this new direction the shoot had taken was producing very different emotions within her. Detective Steele was going to have a hard time explaining this one..

Technical Stuff:

Camera & Settings

Canon 20D 17-85 IS USM

ISO 100



Tutorial Images

63 to 65 Key Light Only
66 to 68 Key & Hair lights
69 to 71 All Lights except side fill
72 to 74 All Lights

Merlin's Notes: Hywels suggestion for lighting scheme was a relatively typical “glamour” pattern of an array of lights almost in a line producing head-on lighting and also a degree of side lighting. A hair light above and behind Sabrina was soon added. The only issue this produced was that initially there were two shadows on the red wall being created by the umbrellas. To overcome this, the sofa was pulled out from against the wall. The left umbrella was then turned down from ¼ to 1/8th power and the right umbrella turned up from ¼ to 1/3rd power. As usual it was difficult to find enough creative angles to shoot from without getting stands etc in shot or making Sabrinas feet look massive.. I forget who suggested it but my personal fav are the shots from above, an angle I hadn’t thought of but works so well. As usual a series of shots were taken to demonstrate the input of individual lights into the mix.

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