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Katy Cee
Katy Cee: Alone with her captors

Katy Cee has been taken prisoner and is marched naked through the cold wilderness towards the mountian lair of the criminl mastermind who has decreed her captivity. She's confident in her training, and believes that his men have kidnapped her believeing her to be just another pretty girl. She's going to take them down. She'll use all the tricks- the little smiles of seduction against the guards, the "oh the ropes are so tight" little sighs, the escapology tricks. But she believes she will be taken to the HQ, to the one place she most wants to go. Unfortunately, her captors are well aware that she is a spy....

Hywel's note: yes, it was every bit as cold as it looks! Big hugs and thanks to Katy and Ariel for being such troopers shooting above the arctic circle in Norway!

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