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The Elegance Network: Browsing Katy Cee: Sacrificed to the Spring Tide
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Katy Cee
Katy Cee: Sacrificed to the Spring Tide

Poor viking maiden Katy is to be sacrificed to the gods of the highest tide of sprint, to ensure good weather and calm seas for the long ships when they set out to raid after the next new moon. The wise women had calculated when the tide was due, at sunset on this very day of the year. As always, the sacrifice was placed at the marked tide line where the previous year's highest tide had reached. The sacrifice's fate was in the hands of the tide. If the weather was calm, perhaps the tide wouldn't reach as high as last year's high water mark... and the sacrficial victim would be spared, to be taken back to the village and trained as a shield maiden, as befitting one blessed by the gods themselves....

Hywel's note:During a break from shooting, talk naturally turned to bondage positions, and someone mentioned a hair-hogtie. 'Ohh!' said Katy; 'I can do that!' And she was right; we all looked on in awe as Katy dealt with a strict hogtie which kept her back arched and her head pulled back. And she made it look effortless. Respect to Katy Cee, who pulled off her first hair-hogtie on cold wet grass in close to freezing temperatures!

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