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Katy Cee
Katy & Ariel: Waited On Hand And Foot

At the Nude In Metal resort, guest Ariel is waited on hand and foot by slavegirl waitress Katy. Both girls, of course, are greatly enjoying being nude in metal in the gorgeous late evening summer sun. But Katy discovers that it isn't quite as easy as it looks going about as a waitress with your wrists chained to a restrictive crotch chain, and she accidentally tips Ariel's drink everywhere! Surely punishments must be in store?

Hywel's note: this is part of our new Nude in Metal regular feature. We originally thought we might launch it as a separate website, which is why some of the earlier stuff we shot (like this photoset) have logos rather than Restrained Elegance ones. But we decided that it seemed to sit much more comfortably as part of RE in the end.

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