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Katy Cee
Ariel & Katy: Nude in Metal Girls on Holiday

Ariel writes

During our location shoot in Spain, Hywel was keen to shoot some sets for our Nude in Metal feature. His suggestion that we rub suncream into each other's skin whilst reclining on sun loungers sounded pretty relaxing compared to some of the other tasks we'd been given, so we both agreed gladly. I'd envisaged us both being in cuffs and leg irons, and I got lucky because that's exactly the metal I was locked into. Poor Katy, however, is small enough to fit into the yoke Hywel had brought out with us. I've rarely seen her so physically defeated by a piece of bondage, but Katy, who's strong, flexible and motivated could really hardly complete the task at all. That yoke is so, so debilitating! So it turned out to be a very challenging set to shoot indeed, and I hope you'll be glad to know that we were both quite exhausted by shooting it. Suffering for art, indeed.

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