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Katy Cee
Ariel, Natalia and Katy: Charlie's Angels

Ariel, Natalia and Katy go one step too far and take on an enemy who's even craftier, more resourceful and more ruthless than them! Soon all three are knocked out, tied up, and gagged with large ballgags. Will they live to fight another day?

The Past

Today is the 14th Anniversary of Restrained Elegance opening its doors to paying members, so I just wanted to pay tribute to one of the original inspirations for me: not just Charlie's Angels, but 1970's TV in general. There seemed to be a lot of very sexy women, often plucky and intrepid investigators, who poked their pretty noses into bad guys' business and got tied up as a result. Not very PC, I guess, but quite a few shows had the girls escape or get each other out, rather than wait for the man to do it. For me at least, the net result was complex: intellectually and emotionally, I liked the sexy independent female characters. As I've blogged, I personally took it as read that the female characters were equals.

Which left me free to fancy them, and really quite want to be the villain who got to tie them up.

Which is probably as good an explanation as to how Restrained Elegance got here as any!

It's been an incredible journey from kid watching the TV shows to bondage storyteller, photographer and film-maker. I would never have believed it possible. So thank you, to everyone who has ever bought a membership or a photoset or video. You have made it all possible.

The Future

I'm an optimist by nature. So on the 1st April I'm always thinking of all the great things we've got coming up to shoot. I've just got hold of a slider which will let us add camera movement to our video shots more easily. I've got a mainstream short film shoot coming up over the summer- my "directorial debut" in one sense. We've got dozens of shoots booked with some of the most gorgeous and talented models and actresses in the world.

So why have I been feeling stressed, black, worried? It's been a shitty few months and there's always this black cloud hovering.

It's because our sexual freedoms online are under repeated and determined attack by the forces of conservatism and sexual repression. This is not paranoia; they really are out to get us. In the last few months many of my friends have moved abroad because the climate here is so hostile. I've never seen anything like it.

We're a small business, and like any other small business we've had our ups and downs over the years. But this is the first time that I genuinely feel like we may be driven out of business. Not failing in business- every business runs the risk of failure. But that's fair: I don't mind failing because my work isn't good enough. I don't mind failing as a business because not enough people share my tastes to want to buy my artistic endeavours. I never expected to be able to do this for a living in the first place so it all still seems like an unbelievable miracle to me anyway. No, I mean driven out of business. Prevented from doing what we do.

I object. I object to ignorant, heartless shits somehow wangling themselves a position as unelected and unaccountable guardians of what we're allowed to say and see and share. How dare they? How dare they try to shut people down using out-dated, sexist, ridiculous and ill-informed regulations to make us all conform to what they think is safe and cuddly for all to see. Seriously, FUCK THAT.

Restrained Elegance will still be here in a year's time. We'll fight censorship every step of the way. I'm not going to take any easy ways out, because it is important for our sexual freedoms and our freedom of expression and freedom of identity to be allowed to be ourselves online.

Maybe we will be forced to only show videos with bondage OR gags, not both. Maybe we'll have to take down our CP and SM heavy videos, Ariel's lovely Restrained Elegance Nights fantasies. We might have to be a stills-only site for a while, or deny access to the videos to UK members. They might force us to censor our preview tour, and remove helpful community pages like the Lexicon of bondage positions. Maybe we will be without the scope of regulation (we believe we are, but bureaucrats pushing for their own salaries and self-interest may not agree).

The one thing and am not going to do is to self-censor. I refuse to do their job for them. I will do only what they insist I do, and I will make explicit every act of censorship which has been imposed upon us.

We hope you will support us as you have supported us every day for the last 14 years. We will have a 15th Anniversary.

If you would like to help, the first and most immediate thing you can do is to join. Membership money is the life-blood of all websites. It's how we pay models, it's how we can afford to shoot content, it is how we pay for the bandwidth and web hosting to keep the site online. If we have a bit more cash we can build up a fighting fund for legal fees.

And don't just join Restrained Elegance. If there's another producer whose work you like, join their site too. We've lost sight of how astonishingly good value BDSM websites are. Bondage magazines used to cost about the same as a website membership and delivered maybe 100 photos per issue. A typical website will deliver thousands of new images for that same price- not to mention access to a decade of back catalogue. So please, go and join some more websites.

The other thing you can do to help is to contribute to Backlash, the not-for-profit UK organisation which is the focus of the campaign to protect our sexual freedom online. We recently helped Pandora Blake and Nimue Allen raise funds for Backlash but much more may be needed - whichever UK producers are picked on next, they will need everyone's financial help and moral support to mount legal challenges. So please consider also setting up a regular small donation to Backlash as well as joining some fun sites.

I'm sorry that all this politics is intruding on to our lovely romantic bondage website. I'm sorry that I'm forced to have these rants to let you know what's happening. My fondest hope is that we can see off these attacks on our freedom of expression and just go back to being a lovely shared space to enjoy ourselves and be ourselves and chat about nice ways to have bondage fun together. Let's drink to that, for next year.

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