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Katy Cee
Natalia & Katy: Intimacy

We always make sure that in amongst the damsel in distress story lines that there's also room for showing you just how much fun a girl can have when she's restrained. Especially when she's so closely connected to another model.

Hywel's note: it is a bit cheeky of me to claim that there are 64 photos in this set; there's actually 32, each with two different looks. When we shot this, it was the desaturated modern "cool" look that I had in mind. But when I saw the "usual RE look" versions, I just couldn't decide between the two. So I decided to make up for it being a bit of a short set by giving you both versions. I'd be interested to know which you prefer. Why not drop in on the forum to let us know?

64 pics 19.5 MB zip

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Price: $6.99 Per Zip File