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Katy Cee
Katy and Natalia: Taped Up

Hardworking college students Katy and Natalia stayed in their dorm room for the evening, even though it was a Saturday night and all the other girls were going out on the town. But Katy and Natalia were chasing high grades and they needed the time to study. Unfortunately for them, this was the night that the boys from the nearby student house chose to raid the girls' one. Having expected to find plenty of party girls to terrorise, they were initially disappointed that only Katy and Natalia - the uptight teachers' pets - were around. However, on reflection (and once the girls were securely taped up) they discovered that under their sensible clothes and behind their glasses, Natalia and Katy were MORE than worth spending time on. The poor girls' cries were soon muffled by layers of duct tape, and the party (to which they were the most unwilling participants) began.

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