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Katy Cee
VIDEO: Anita, Ariel & Katy - Witness Protection

Tomorrow is Anita's big day in court. She's going to present evidence against the kingpin. The police have taken her to a safe house with a trained witness protection officer watching over her, in case the kingpin sends a hit-woman to silence Anita. But did the policewoman remember to check ALL the doors before dark?

No! One entrance was all the hit-woman needed! She slipped in to the house and waited until the witness went to bed so she could tackle her victims one at a time. The policewoman she quickly overpowered, hogtied with her own stockings, silencing her with a tape-gag before she could shout a warning upstairs to the Anita.

And what's this? A WPC's handcuffs? That will come in very useful for taking down the witness! Anita has much to fear, because the killer blonde hit-woman is the kingpin's wife and she is VERY motivated to make sure Anita doesn't testify tomorrow!

06.55 minutes (283.5 MB zip)

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